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About Us

People in Long Term Recovery is a project developed between the Many Paths One Destination non-profit and the San Jose City College Alcohol and Drug Studies Program . We are dedicated to addressing the stigma of addiction, including the internalized stigma of recovering addicts and their family members raised in a culture filled with myths, misinformation, and hopelessness about addiction. This includes individuals in co-occurring recovery.


People in Long Term Recovery will utilize evidence-based prevention tools to provide the community with practical information designed to combat addiction stigma with hope-based materials and a website offering personal stories and videos of people who have been successful in their recovery for over 5 years. In addition to an active web-presence

we are hoping to host anti-stigma events highlighting the hope of long-term recovery. We are also looking forward to developing strong alliances with other groups with our shared advocacy and anti-stigma focus!


Our Vision


There will be a time when addiction is seen as a treatable medical illness with a hopeful prognosis for recovery. Long-term recovery is possible -people get their lives back!

Many Paths One Destination

The United Nations of Recovery

Our Mission statement. By celebrating our common goal of freedom from addiction, we hope to cultivate greater acceptance and cooperation among 12 step programs and other recovery efforts, and increase public awareness and understanding of addiction and recovery.

San Jose City College Alcohol and Drug Studies Program

The ADS program is both a Certificate and Academic transfer program. We offer both the Alcohol and Drug Studies program along with several specialty certificates to develop a more specialized work force at the request of our community partners.

The ADS program was developed in 1990 to prepare future substance abuse counselors by offering the 315 hours of California Consortium of Addiction Professionals and Programs (CCAPP) education in preparation for the state examination. The program is also accredited to meet the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) certification requirements, consisting of three additional courses.

The ADS program consists of three certifications tracks:

The 67 units A.A. in Alcohol and Drug Studies /the 36 A.S. in Alcohol and Drug Studies/ The 27 unit Certificate of Achievement in Alcohol and Drug Studies:

The A.A., A.S., and Certification of Achievement provide the academic preparation for both state certification and transfer to a state university to pursue social science, social work, psychology, or behavioral health.

The ADS program is made up of six  core curriculum courses (ADS 70-76) and two semesters of Supervised Practicum which includes 10.5 hours placement in a treatment program and 3 hours of class each week.  There are two certificate levels and two associate degree levels of achievement in the ADS program.

We also offer:

LAADC Certificate

Addiction and Criminal Justice Certificate 

Integrated Behavioral Health Certification

Substance Use Prevention Certificate

Substance Use Prevention Certificate of Competency

Peer Mentor Certificate

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